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Hand surgeon QLD

Choosing the right specialised hand surgeon in QLD
Hand are super complex. A specialist in hand surgery knows all the ins and outs of this complex area. They are trained to handle everything from common conditions to the trickiest cases.

Hand surgeon QLD

Why choose a specialist for hand surgery?

When it comes to hand surgery, picking a specialist really matters. Your hands are super complex – with all those bones, joints, muscles, and nerves working together, it’s like a finely tuned machine.

“A specialist in hand surgery knows all the ins and outs of this complex area. We are trained to handle everything from common conditions to the trickiest cases.”

Dr Andrew Hadj

Dr Andrew Hadj

Hand Surgeon QLD

Choosing a hand specialist means you’re getting someone who’s spent extra time learning just about hands. They’ve got the skills and the know-how to make sure your surgery has the best chance of success. Whether it’s fixing injuries, sorting out nerve problems, or dealing with painful conditions like arthritis, a specialist has the expertise to get your hands working their best again.

So, when it comes to something as important as your hands, choosing a specialist is a smart move.

Hand surgeon Brisbane | Dr Hadj

What makes Dr Hadj stand out as a Brisbane hand surgeon?

Dr Andrew Hadj, a hand surgeon based in Brisbane, stands out for his extensive experience and commitment to patient care. He has successfully handled over 10,000 hand surgery cases, covering a wide range of procedures from trauma and elective surgeries to complex reconstructions.

“It’s not just about the hand surgery. As hand surgeons, we understand how important your hands are in your everyday life – from typing on your computer to making a cup of tea. We focus on getting you back to doing the things you love, with as little downtime as possible.”

Dr Andrew Hadj

Dr Andrew Hadj

Hand Surgeon Brisbane

Dr Hadj’s approach is about minimising waiting times for hand surgery. He operates on all trauma injuries and open wounds within 24 hours. If you need elective surgery, like for really severe carpal tunnel syndrome or painful joint contracture, he can sort you out in just 2 to 4 weeks.

“In the public system, elective surgery may take years. But even in the private system, wait times for hand surgery may be longer. My aim is to see you quickly as prompt treatment can prevent the problem from getting worse.”

Dr Andrew Hadj

Dr Andrew Hadj

Hand Surgeon Brisbane

Early intervention often leads to better outcomes, reducing the risk of long-term damage or the need for more complex surgeries later on.

Hand surgery Brisbane

Understanding hand surgery procedures

Understanding what each hand surgery procedure involves and why it might be needed is key. From common issues like carpal tunnel syndrome to more specific conditions like Dupuytren’s disease, each treatment is tailored to relieve pain, restore function, and improve your hand’s overall health.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you’re probably feeling numbness or tingling in your hand, especially at night. The surgery for this, called carpal tunnel release, can really help ease that pain and bring back feeling in your hand. It’s about relieving the pressure on the nerve in your wrist.

Why seeing a plastic surgeon for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Choosing a plastic hand surgeon over an orthopaedic surgeon for carpal tunnel syndrome can offer a different perspective. While orthopaedic surgeons excel in bone and joint issues, plastic hand surgeons bring specialised skills in the delicate tissues and nerves, which are crucial in carpal tunnel surgery. Regardless, ensuring your surgeon is a specialist hand surgeon is critical. Expertise in precise hand surgery with a focus on function often results in a more comprehensive recovery.

Dupuytren’s disease

Dupuytren’s disease can make your fingers curl into your palm, and it’s tough to straighten them. Surgery for Dupuytren’s disease involves removing or releasing the thickened tissue, helping your fingers to straighten and improving hand function.

As it is well recognised, this condition has a strong genetic prevalence and often one grandparent or parent will have had this condition over the course of their lifetime. Dupuytren’s also has a very high recurrence rate so it’s often prudent to wait until the fingers or knuckles start to curl prior to undertaking any surgery.

Seeing a hand surgeon early on to guide this process is very important.

Ganglion cyst removal

Ganglion cysts are those lumpy, fluid-filled sacs that can pop up on your wrist. They can be unsightly and sometimes painful. Removing these cysts can relieve discomfort and get your wrist looking and feeling normal again. They often arise from wear and tear of day to day tasks – and despite what the textbooks say it’s not a good idea to ‘whack’ them with a bible!

Thumb osteoarthritis

If you’ve got arthritis in your thumb, it can be really painful, especially when you’re grabbing or pinching things. Surgery for thumb arthritis aims to reduce pain and improve the movement and strength of your thumb.

More hand surgery conditions we can help with

Finger osteoarthritis: Characterised by stiffness and pain in the finger joints. Treatment might involve surgery to improve joint function.
Tenosynovitis surgery: Tenosynovitis causes pain and swelling in the hand, often when moving fingers or wrists. Surgery can relieve these symptoms.

Tennis elbow surgery (lateral epicondylitis): Known for elbow pain, especially when lifting or gripping objects. Surgery aims to ease this discomfort.

Golfer’s elbow surgery (medial epicondylitis): This condition leads to pain on the inside of the elbow, particularly during wrist or hand movements. Surgery can help reduce this pain.

Trauma surgery of the hand: This surgery addresses injuries like cuts or crushed bones. Symptoms can include severe pain, bleeding, or inability to move fingers.

Joint replacement surgery of hand: For severe joint damage, often causing pain and reduced mobility. Surgery can replace damaged joints to restore function.

Nerve surgery of the hand: Targets nerve damage that can cause pain, numbness, or weakness. Surgery can help improve these symptoms.

Tendon reconstruction: This is for damaged or ruptured tendons, leading to difficulties in hand movement. Reconstruction can restore functionality.

Fractures of the hand: Surgery for hand fractures focuses on realigning broken bones to reduce pain and improve healing.

Hand tumours surgery: Involves removing tumours which might cause pain, swelling, or impact hand function. Surgery aims to remove these growths and alleviate symptoms.

Hand surgeon QLD

Why QLD Hand Surgery?

Queensland Hand Surgery is a dedicated hand surgery clinic.

“We have five in-house hand therapists ensuring optimal recovery after your hand surgery.”

Dr Andrew Hadj

Dr Andrew Hadj

QLD Hand Surgeon

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